Our Therapists

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Rose Bleiweis, LCSW-C  

Founder & Owner

Infertiity , Pregnancy, and Reproductive Loss specialist

Adult Therapist &  Clinical Supervisor

Robyn Weiner, LCSW-C

Pet Bereavement, Parenting, and Infertility Specialist

Child, Teen, and Adult Therapist & Clinical Supervisor

Gabriela Lira Alvarez, LCSW-C

Trauma Specialist

Child, Teen, & Adult Therapist (bilingual)

Jacob Murphy, LMSW, LGSW 

Trauma & Grief Specialist

 Adult Therapist

Anne-Marie Ruwe, LMSW

Adolescent & Adult Therapist

Ashley Wilson, LMSW, LGSW

Adolescent & Adult Therapist

Kelly Carter, LMSW

EMDR & DBT Specialist

Young Adult & Adolescent Therapist

Zoe Zollinger, LGPC

Young Adult & Adult  Therapist